Thursday, July 4, 2024

Test Drive Off-Road 3 (GBC) - see the RUMBLE PAK!

17 hours ago
I am listed as the lead programmer on this game, which I only barely remember because it was 25 years ago and I worked on many different projects.

The sound seems annoying.   The game seems dated to me.  We jokingly referred to these games as bathtub races because they were 2D.  The hardware was too primitive to do 3D.

In the video game industry at the time, the emphasis was on getting projects done as quickly as possible to make the Christmas market which really starts in the fall.  It takes time to manufacture a game, so you had to finish during summer. If you didn't get a game done on time then it was a financial disaster.

So consequently, quality was a secondary consideration.  We did the best we could, but if we had more time I'm sure that we could have made better games.

24 minutes ago
Whoa! You made this game and watched my video!? Super cool. Any chance you can DM on Twitter or email? I would really like to ask/interview you regarding GB development, highlighting the GBC Rumble Pak. I am really curious to learn more.